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Easy Entry Carts - These carts have an all steel construction and black powder coat finish. Carts have removable fenders with side gravel guards and rear reflectors on fenders and back of seat. The side gravel guards are unique to these carts and keep you or your children from putting their feet in the spokes of the wheels. This is a unique safety feature to these carts. The cart has extra wide tires with chrome rims. The cart has extra padding in the seat for a more comfortable ride. This cart has more options than standard carts on the market. This cart comes fully assembled if picked up. We also carry several sets of American Made harness for sale.

Mini / small pony cart has 55" long shafts with 16" tire and sells for $450.00.
Large Pony cart has 60" shafts with 18" tires and sells for $650.00.
Horse/Cobb has 82" shafts with 18" tires sells for $750.00
Mini, Pony, Cobb and Horse Carts
Harness available in biothane, leather & nylon. We have each in miniature, pony, large pony, cobb & horse size. click here to see.
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We have a complete line of pony tack. That includes saddles, bridles, pads and much more click here to go to see tack
Pony Wagons Available - Click here to view wagons for sale
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Horse and Pony Sleighs
We sell new and used full size horse sleighs and new pony sleighs. The sleighs are available in a variety of colors. Please contact us for pricing.
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